15 Mar 2015
Interface Logimap

Logimap is an additional Logi-Pro mapping software interface for use by sales staff to search for and present available properties to end clients.

Logimap takes the form of an advanced mapping tool enabling the user to search for, filter and select available properties, companies and transactions, for the purpose of immediate or future presentation to a client. The technology employed and the ergonomic design allow it to be used in very high-definition on projection screens (4K) as well as on desktop computers, iPads and other tablets when on the move.

Searches and selections can be stored, in order to be reopened and re-run with the client present or otherwise: Saving both the search criteria and the property selections produced by the search guarantees the most efficient and effective client presentation, whilst retaining the flexibility to move away from the pre-prepared route by varying the search criteria.

A complete PPT file can be generated on the basis of these available property selections.
Logi-Pro mapping has been enhanced by a structure for managing POIs (Points Of Interest) and KML, thereby allowing users to benefit from:

  1. All the data that we are able to integrate at IPSO-FACTO (transport, open data, etc.)
  2. All the data that our clients have in their possession and that they wish to use in their presentations and business documents.