15 May 2015
Extranet clients Logi-Pro

The creation of an extranet enables you to ensure greater proximity to your clients and improved responsiveness in terms of proposals transmitted.

It will provide your clients with greater visibility of all proposals and available properties transmitted within a personalised private space. In the future, it will allow for unrestricted development in terms of sharing information with your clients, in line with market developments.

Logi-Pro now allows you to create a private space for your preferred clients; on the one hand, companies searching for premises and, on the other hand, owners with instructions. This will allow you, firstly, to share completed operations with owners and, secondly, to send proposals to your clients, thereby enabling them to respond directly!

10 Jan 2015

IPSO-FACTO announces Powerpoint compatibility with LOGI PRO. Commercial records and marketing reports can be produced in Powerpoint format.

15 Dec 2014

Facebook and LOGI PRO, a story of real estate advertisements… Facebook pages can be populated with real estate advertisements directly from LOGI PRO.

05 Aug 2013

LOGI-PRO is enhanced by an automation tool for inserting contact files in CSV format.

05 Sep 2012

ParuVendu.fr joins the list of portals that are compatible with Logi-Pro.
This portal uses the standard protocol created by Ipso-Facto for the automatic synchronisation of available properties from corporate real estate professionals with real estate advertisement portals.