Very High Quality Communication

Your company’s image is conveyed by the documents that you send to your clients

All letters, notices, e-mails, descriptions, commercial records, marketing reports, etc. can be tailored to your requirements and fully automated.

Logi-Pro gives you access to the best communication tools for real estate

Within Logi-Pro, all documents are automatic, configurable and modifiable at the last moment, Logi-Pro thereby guarantees impeccable quality personalized communication.

Properties selection


With Logi-Pro, you can send an available property or a selection of available properties by e-mail with photos, geographic maps, drawings of the premises, floor area overviews, attached documents and covering letters, all modifiable in just a few seconds!

Commercial records


Generate several dozen pages of accurate commercial records with photos, drawings of the premises, location maps, complete floor area overviews, etc. in PDF or Powerpoint format in less than 30 seconds.

Progress reports


Generate complete marketing reports for your principals with all the operations, competing properties and similar transactions, etc. in PDF or Powerpoint format in less than a minute.

Properties extranet


Do you want to ensure greater proximity to your clients and improved responsiveness in terms of proposals sent? The Logi-Pro extranet provides your clients with greater visibility of all proposals and available properties transmitted within a personalised private space.

Customised and modifiable documents

All these documents can be tailored to your requirements in terms of content and compliance with your style guide.
They automatically include all the data that you have specified in Logi-Pro as well as photos, maps/drawings and aerial photographs.
In the case of Powerpoint documents, they can, of course, be modified by the user.
Logi-Pro also allows you to automatically create all your owners’ and colleagues’ notices, by post or e-mail, and all your instructions in Word format, at your own workstation.