Linked directly to your company’s data

In addition to its design and creation,
we can help you bring your website to life.

The websites we create for our clients are linked directly to their company data.
You can update your website and automatically retrieve the contact details of web users via Logi-Pro, allowing you to respond immediately.

As an IT expert, our role and our added value lies in assisting with the design of our clients websites: their architecture, the choice of design and development of graphic elements as well as other visuals and photos. This key phase is swiftly followed by creation of the website itself. Our know-how in terms of web development and databases also allows us to infinitely expand the website’s functionalities… Once the website has been created, we will provide the essential training and advice needed to regularly update the website.

Finally, we assist our clients with referencing and the insertion of links to various social networks. We can create and connect their Facebook accounts and other portals.


Your website with Jimdo

As specialists in web technologies for more than 15 years, experts in ASP, PHP and Java technologies, as well as the most complex DBMSs, why do we recommend Jimdo?
It’s quite simply the result of many years experience: first and foremost a website should be able to evolve, be constantly added to and improved. This is not the work of IT experts but should be undertaken directly by the owner of the website.